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While you think and pray about nominations, take some time to read Drew's letter explaining the nomination process.


Elders are given the task of leading the church by overseeing and “shepherding” the church towards spiritual maturity and faithfulness in the mission Jesus has given us (1 Tim 5:17. 1 Pet 5:1-5, Heb 13;17). As you prayerfully consider elder candidates, ask yourself the following questions:

1 — Is he qualified according to 1 Timothy 3:1-13 & Titus 1:6-9? Is he “above reproach”? Is he disciplined and responsible? Is he faithful in the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading and prayer? Do people respect him? Is he approachable? Does he show self-restraint? Is he gentle and compassionate? Is he a peace-maker or a trouble-maker? Is he generous with his time and money? Does he love his wife well? Does his family prosper under his leadership?

2 — Does he work well with people? How has he proven his leadership in his family? Does his wife delight in his husbanding of her? Do his children delight in his fathering of them? Would you want him for a boss (or for an employee)? Does he have good friends? Is he a good friend? Is he warm? Is he sincere? Is his conversation biting, critical, and sarcastic or kind and loving? Do those who work with him know that he is for them?

3 — Does he support/champion the vision of Redeemer? Does he rally the people around him (his family, his Community Group, etc.) to participation in the worship and work of the church? First, Community Groups. Is he actively leading or involved in a Community group? Next, Worship. Does he regularly attend worship services and is he active in assisting the church in its worship (i.e. reading Scriptures, leading in prayer, greeting, working in Kid’s worship, etc.)? Also, Mission. Does he share his faith? Do you know anybody who has come to faith through his personal evangelistic efforts? Is he living “on mission”- actively involved in sharing the gospel in both word and deed? Finally, Discipleship. Is he either involved in or leading a discipleship group? Who is following him? Do you want to be like him? Would you want him to mentor you or your children? Is he a man that other men want to be like?

4 — Do you recognize “gospel dynamics” at work in his life? Does his heart break over his own sin? Does he exhibit a lifestyle of faith and repentance? Is he humbled by his sin and secure in God’s love for him in Jesus Christ and full of joy? Or is he arrogant and self-righteous? Or radically insecure and needing people’s approval? Is he a “servant” leader and a “strong” leader? Is he courageous enough to speak the truth but gentle enough to do it in love (Gal 6:1)? Can he take criticism?

5 — Is he theologically and biblically astute? Does he read and meditate on the Scriptures on a regular basis? Does he have a firm grasp on the core doctrines of the faith in order to teach, reprove, correct, and train others (2 Tim 3:16)?


Deacons are given the task of leading the church towards faithfulness in “deed” ministry- in caring for the sick, the poor, the oppressed, and the hurting both in the congregation and in our city and world. As you prayerfully consider deacon candidates, ask the same 5 questions as with elder candidates, but also specifically consider:

1 — Is he qualified according to 1 Timothy? Is he respected and known for having integrity? Is he disciplined and responsible?

2 — Is he passionate about and gifted for leadership in works of mercy? Does he understand the implications of the gospel for the poor and the needy? Is he passionate about the putting feet to the gospel through deeds of mercy and compassion? Does he have a heart for the poor and the needy, the marginal, the oppressed, the elderly, etc? Is he generous and wise with his time and money? Is he tenderhearted? Does he love people sacrificially? Is he currently involved in any works of mercy in our church or in our city? Can he lead our church in this area?


Remember, it is God that calls and equips men to serve the church as elders and deacons through the work of the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28). However, it is the job of the church as a body to identify the men who possess these gifts in their midst and set them apart for the work of the offices. Do the following:

  • Read through 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1 (Paul’s qualifications for elders and deacons) and also Galatians 5:22-23 (the fruit of the Spirit). Spend time meditating on these passages.
  • Pray that God will guide you.
  • Interview the person you wish to nominate personally. Ask him if he is willing to serve as an elder or deacon should you desire to nominate him. Share any concerns you might have and give him the opportunity to answer those concerns.

Below is a list of men who are members in good standing and eligible to be nominated.

Ward Attaway, Isaac Bennett, Jimmy Bent, Bryant Black, Greg Brownell, Ryan Buskirk, Ryan Chambless, Jeff Chism, Tanner Chism, Dan Conway, Michael Conway, David Cramp, Matthew Diaz, Scott Donley, Wes Donley, Joshua Fowler, Eddie Fowler, Aaron Gall, Ethan Gilmore, Hector Gomez, Corbin Hart, Tim Hassett, Kevin Henne, Steve Keen, Tommy Keil, Wyatt Keith, Larry Kieffer, Keith Klepper, Ivan Lambert, Ryan Lear, Guillermo Martinez, Richard Mcadams, Jerry Mixon, Josh Nederveld, Joshua Nicholson, Andrew Oram, Brent Parrish, Jackson Parrish, Jeff Paul, Brett Price, Chris Pruitt, Joe Ragsdale, Matt Railey, Rudy Reyes, Charles Reynolds, Adam Riley, Erik Roldan, Max Routon, Andrew Savant, Barry Scarborough, Holt Seckel, Ben Shipps, Ford Simons, Jack Simons, Alan Sizemore, Hunter Snively, Tyler Snively, Jeffrey Stabe, Joshua Steinbronn, Josh Sumner, JW Taylor, Bob Tidwell, Sebastian Turley, James Voisard, Paul Voisard, Steve Voisard, Johnny Walker, Justin Ward, James Watters, Mark White, Shaun Wilson, Ethan Winfree, Derek Wyatt.

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