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The Immeasurable One Who Measures All

June 24, 2018 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: None Like Him

Passage: John 3:22-30, Psalm 145:3, Exodus 15:11

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God is infinite – measureless, without limit, etc. In our sin, we desire for Him to decrease so that we might increase (cf. Jn 3:30). In truth, it is God, not us, who measures all things. Yet, the good news of the gospel is that in Christ He does measure our sins. Therefore, his bigness can be a cause of comfort and wonder, not a threat. We can embrace our limits – becoming truly human.

I. GLORIFYING GOD – i.e. Adoration
God is immeasurable and measures all.

In our sin, we want to be immeasurable ourselves and measure everyone else - including God.

III. GRACIOUS HUMAN-NESS – i.e. Embracing limits
In order to be truly human we must embrace our limits (and the limits of others).

IV. GOSPEL – i.e. Power
There is one thing that God does not measure. Knowing that is the key to glorying in his greatness.

Discussion Questions

  1. J.B. Phillips wrote a book years ago entitled “Your God is Too Small.” Is your God too small? How do you think we make God small?
  2. John the Baptist said, “I am not the Christ.” How do you attempt to be and do what only God is meant to be and do? In what roles?
  3. John also said, “He must increase; I must decrease.” Apply that to your life in some specific way.
  4. To be fully human we not only to reach, by God’s grace, for Godlikeness, but also, again by grace, embrace our own limits and confess, “There is none like You, O Lord; you are great” (Jeremiah 10:6). Respond to that statement. How do you find the balance?
  5. How does the gospel make God’s bigness a comfort and wonder and not a threat? What is the one thing in the whole universe that God does not measure?

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