Knowing and Being Known

July 1, 2018 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: None Like Him

Passage: Deuteronomy 29:29, Job 26:14, 1 Corinthians 2:9-11, 1 Corinthians 8:2-3, Jeremiah 17:9-10

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God is incomprehensible – known but not fully known. In our sin, we seek to know apart from God. We like to think of ourselves as experts on all things - ourselves, our neighbors, even God. In truth, we are dependent upon God’s revelation for all our knowing.  Salvation, then, comes not in knowing but in being known. In the gospel, being known by God means being loved by God.

I. GLORIFYING GOD – i.e. Adoration
God is incomprehensible. He can be sufficiently known but not fully known.

We do not comprehend our own hearts, much less God and his ways.

III. GRACIOUS HUMAN-NESS – i.e. Embracing limits
We are not experts on God, ourselves, our neighbors, or anything really.

IV. GOSPEL – i.e. Power
To be known by God is to be loved by God.


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