Needed By All, Needful of None

July 15, 2018 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: None Like Him

Passage: Acts 17:16-17, 22-30, John 5:19-21, 25-29

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God is self-sufficient. He is needed by all but needful of nothing. We are dependent creatures. But we long for independence and self-sufficiency – like God. To be needed by all and needful of nothing ourselves, because every need is a limit. We are needy by God’s design. Therefore, we must embrace our neediness – following Jesus who said, “I do nothing on my own but only what I see the Father in heaven doing” (Jn 5:26) because, like Him, we know the Father’s heart for us. If God does not need us, He must love us.

I. GLORIFYING GOD – i.e. Adoration
God is needed by all and needful of nothing.

We (sinfully) grasp for independence and self-sufficiency. To be needed by all and needful of nothing ourselves.

III. GRACIOUS HUMAN-NESS – i.e. Embracing limits
In truth, we are needy, not because of sin but by design.

IV. GOSPEL – i.e. Power
Jesus is our example and also the power to live in dependence – upon God and others.

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