Our daily Bible reading program is called Community Bible Reading (CBR). CBR is a tool to help you experience daily, personal worship as you read through God's Word.

The CBR Journal (Seeing Jesus Together)

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Community Bible Reading (CBR) is the daily practice of reading one Old Testament chapter and one New Testament chapter every day as a community. The Community Bible Reading plan allows participants to read through the New Testament once every year and the Old Testament once every three years. The CBR Journal provides a helpful framework for us to engage God's word through journaling, praying and conversation in community.


Pray Through Your Pen

  • Adoration - Adore and praise God for His attributes and actions
  • Confession - Confess your sinfulness and repent from your sin
  • Thanksgiving - Thank Jesus for His salvation (past, present, future)
  • Supplication - Ask the Spirit to transform you in particular ways

Prepare for Gospel Community

  • What could you share with others from what God has taught you today?
  • Who can you ask to share with you what God has taught them today?
  • Who can you encourage with specifics from today’s passage?
  • How can your community help you follow through on God’s leading in your life?