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I have found in David…a man after my own heart.

Our world has so many definitions of a man. We hear terms like a man’s man, a modern man, toxic masculinity, etc. But what does the Bible teach us about being a man? It has a lot to say on the subject and it gives us plenty of examples of men that we should imitate and those we shouldn’t. What does it mean to be a man after God’s heart? Join the men of Redeemer and ponder that question, and many others, together. We are told men have fewer close friends than they did a few decades ago. There are plenty of reasons and excuses why that is, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are made for fellowship. The following tools and activities are designed to fulfill that need for us.

Reading the Bible Together

We can really only discover our manhood by discovering God. Who he is, what he does, what he says. Fortunately, it’s all written down for us all to come and see. Reading God’s Word every day is like eating every day. Without that daily bread we are weak, discontented, unfulfilled. At Redeemer, we attempt to read the Bible together, in what we call Community Bible Reading (CBR), by reading one chapter from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. By intentionally reading together, we might more clearly see God and then discuss, question, marvel, and ultimately, know Him, and by knowing Him, know ourselves - the man He intends us to be. 
On Tuesday mornings at 7-8am in Redeemer’s Fellowship Hall we look at the reading of the day and discuss. No preparation whatsoever is necessary. Just come ready to look at God’s Word. Coffee provided!
On Tuesday afternoons from 4-6pm we will gather for men’s fellowship at Grove Roots. This will be an opportunity for casual fellowship with friends who love Jesus. Drop in and share anything on your heart that we can be praying about or just sit back and enjoy our city’s fun pub.

Discipleship Groups

Would you like to explore how your faith can impact your day to day living and relationships?  Would you like to meet consistently with a small group of 4-5 men for conversation and encouragement centered on the power of the gospel?  Join a discipleship group! These groups commit to working through 5 units of 6-8 lessons each, covering the foundational truths of what we believe, how our beliefs can transform our hearts and lives, and how we grow in love for God and others. These groups are available as we have trained leaders, which means a waiting list is necessary at times.


Every other year, we take a weekend to get away, unplug, and reflect. For the past few years, our friend in Lake Placid has opened his beautiful ranch with room for plenty of lodgers and campers and we have enjoyed memorable conversations, delicious meals, unforgettable vistas, rides through the country, and even a foretaste of the eternal brotherhood of saints. Our next Men’s retreat will be in the winter of 2025.


Contact Richard McAdams with any questions 202-549-8129