We exist to make Jesus’ invisible kingdom visible in Winter Haven, Polk County, and the world, by being a praying community of Jesus’ disciples.

VISION (What?)

We desire and pray for gospel renewal in gospel community through gospel practices that results in a gospel movement for the flourishing of our city.


The gospel is spiritual power for change (Rom 1:16-17). We will continually seek to evangelize both religious and irreligious people. The goal of ministry at Redeemer is to increase people’s faith in the gospel. Also, we will have the mind of Christ in all we do. Jesus’ dying love for us compels us to die to ourselves so that others might live
The church exists for the city, not the city for the church (Jer 29:7). We will adopt city-loving ways of doing ministry rather than ways that are hostile or indifferent to the flourishing of the city. We will strive to be hospitable to skeptics and seekers, wanting and expecting them to be among us.
The gospel continually breaks out (cf. Acts 4:46:712:24). One church is not enough. We will pray and work for a movement of churches and ministries that renew Winter Haven by meeting both spiritual and physical needs. We will measure ministry success not by the programs we build to serve people, but by the people we build to serve our city.

What we ask of everyone...

1. Make weekly public worship a priority. 
2. Pursue friendship with others in a Community Group or some other small group. 
3. Whole-heartedly commit to developing habits of private worship including: CBR journal and prayer cards. 
4. Use your time, treasure, and talents to support the worship and work of the church. 
5. Discover a mission field (outside of the church) and seek training to be the best you can be in that work.

To learn more about us, listen below to our series on our "Theological Vision."