Speaking Peace to Our Stormy Hearts

August 16, 2015 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: Fightings Without & Fears Within

Passage: Mark 4:35–4:41

Discussion Questions:

  1. In a storm are you more like the disciples or more like Jesus? Do you know anybody who is like Jesus? What’s it like to be around that person when you’re in the middle of a storm?
  2. Is it possible for us to be like Jesus in the storm? Read John 14:12-13 and John 14:25-27 to help your discussion.
  3. Think about your words. Do the words you speak to others reveal a stormy heart or a heart that is quiet and peaceful? Where do you need to repent of creating storminess in others because of your own inner storminess?
  4. Where is it hard for you to trust God- i.e. what situation, relationship, etc.? Why is it so hard for you to trust him? What do you learn in the gospel that helps you in this struggle?

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